The Emerald Dawn

Onijii's letter to Asahina Ryoko


I know this marriage is neither our choice nor our ideal pairing. I know that my crass and blatant behavior are my means of keeping you at a distance, and it seems to be working. My father arranged our marriage as a means of keeping me stymied with my clan because of an ill will he bears for me. I also know that there are a great deal of things you have been struggling with yourself, primarily; adapting to the customs and duties of the Crab Clan, as well as a stubborn husband who has wanted nothing to do with you. I have failed my duty of being a husband, I hope next we meet we may be able to discuss our situation. We may be able to turn this into a beneficial and prosperous union, where others planned for us to fail. Your husband, Hida OnijiiHida Oniji


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