The Emerald Dawn

A Prestigious Invitation

The new year is almost upon the Emerald Empire; what will be the year 1123 in the glorious Hantai dynasty.

You have trained hard all winter, mastered the techniques handed down by your sensei and have received recognition for your understanding of them. Yet it is the goal of all samurai to bring still more glory and prestige to their families and clans. In the weeks immediately before you could take your clan Gempukku, an Imperial courier arrived. He knelt before you and placed into your hands a scroll bearing the crest of the Emperor and informed you that you are to bring the document to a man named Doji Yukio at the Topaz Championship; with it you are granted a chance to compete for the glory of your clan and family and gain a chance to remembered in the histories of the Empire as one of the select few to complete their gempukku through this most prestigious tournament.

With such an offer placed before you, how could you ever refuse? Your belongings have been packed and are ready for you to begin your long journey. Your clan has provided you with a steed to carry you there with all due haste, and their blessing that the fortunes may smile upon you.



Riley_Monster Riley_Monster

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