Miromoto Anisha

Beautiful, Sweet and Dangerous


Miromoto Anisha is a very beautiful girl,she stands at 5’6", her hair is hip length and jet black that she keeps in a long braided ponytail, her eyes are a light golden brown that shine like fire opals when she smiles. Miromoto Anisha being of the Dragon Clan she does have tattoo even though she is not a monk of Togashi, one of her tattoos goes from her calf to her shoulder and the other is a yin yang dragon tattoo going down her back, she also have small cuts all over her body from her training days.




Miromoto Anisha comes from a strong family her father Miromoto Shi was a masterful fighter, a loving husband and an wonderful father, but was killed doing his duty protecting the empire from their enemy’s.

Anisha’s mother Miromoto Cho is a Courtier who works closely with our Daimyo, because of her beauty and way with words you would almost think Miromoto Cho was a scorpion in a past life, focusing on her work helps her not focus on the fact that her one true love has gone to joined his ancestors.

Miromoto Anisha also has a brother who is about ten years old Miromoto Hikaru, he never calls her by her name he always calls her Sha-chan the same name her father called her when she was small. Because their mother is always so busy Hikaru is always following Anisha around like a second shadow. He is very mindful of when his sister is training; he sits out of the way and stays out of trouble.

Anisha was trained by Master Miromoto Hisato who was a decorated fighter, he saw great potential in her as well as so much of his praised student her father, she had the drive so he pushed her to be the best, to surpass her father.

Master Hisato also was training a young man from the Agasha family his name is Agasha Kumakichi, he and Anisha where inseparable they where rivals, but yet they where friends, so their fights went on for what seemed like forever pushing each other to the brink of exhausted the whole time smiling at each other, but secretly Anisha found him very alluring.and she could not figure out why every time he would smile at her, her heart would jump and her face would get hot every time he would be kind to her.

Miromoto Anisha

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