Topaz Championship

Important People:

Doji Yukio
The Crane official in charge of organizing and maintaining order during the Topaz Championship.

Kakita Toshimoko
One of Rokugan’s most renowned duelists, the old Crane is said to be attending the tournament this year… potentially with the plan to take on a new student.

Topaz Championship Contestants
The other young samurai who seek to be crowned as the Topaz Champion and bring great honor to their clan.

Guests of Honor
Mighty Samurai Lords, courtly dignitaries and masters of the elements are gathered to watch the Clans compete and bestow great honor upon those who emerge victorious.

Tournament Attendees
Those who aren’t important enough to merit official introduction, but are important to the young samurai all the same.

Important Places:

The small fishing village that hosts the annual Topaz Championship. Below are listed a selection of the towns more important landmarks.

Important Items:

Prizes of the Topaz Championship

Important Events:

The Topaz Championship
The most prestigious and glorious gempukku ceremony in all of Rokugan. Any who can claim the title of Topaz Champion are destined for greatness.

Topaz Championship

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