Kitsuki Yuuma

Young, Intelligent and Decisive Dragon Clan Investigator


Name: Kitsuki Yuuma

Clan: Dragon

School: Kitsuki Courtier (Investigator, non Bushi)

Age: 14 (at the time of the Topaz Championship Gempuku)

Description: 5’4, 100 lbs. Healthy height/weight proportions. She is fair of face and quite pleasing to the eyes. Some say, behind their fans, that she even rivals the Crane in beauty though she possesses a sharp wit and keen mind that far surpass many.
She favors wearing her hair in a partial top bun, with simple yet fetching hair sticks/ornaments. She usually wears somewhat simple yet elegent kimono in her clan colors.

Distinguishing Marks/Features: Her eyes are a brilliant shade of green, flecked with gold.
Both Yuuma and Nobuyuki have matching tattoos, hers on the right arm, his on the left.

Personality: She is smart, gifted, and completely devoted to her brother; but despite (or perhaps because of) her gift for memory and learning, she finds it difficult to sit by and wait for decisions to be made. Many find this trait somewhat annoying, and take her to be a know-it-all or show off.

Father: Kitsuki Kichirou: Born- Bon Festival, 1086; Deceased Winter 1120 at 32 years (would be 37)

Mother: (Miromoto) Akemi: Born – 3rd day of Chrysanthemum Festival, 1093 (30 years)

Kitsuki Yuuma (or Kyouki, as she was named at birth), was the second of the set of twins born to her parents during the cherry blossom festival of 1109. Yuuma came nearly a half Rokugani hour after her brother, and was a surprise to her entire family, hence her birth name, meaning pleasant surprise. She and her brother, Nobuyuki (or Kouta as he was named at birth) grew up in peace and fair prosperity in the mountains of the Dragon Clan. Yuuma was slighter of frame, favoring their mother, and much more intelligent (even by Dragon standards) than her elder brother. Even as a babe he was much sturdier and stockier than she, favoring their father in looks.

They have no other siblings, as their mother was never able to conceive again, and her father died of an un-diagnosed illness during the winter of their 8th year.

Kitsuki Nobuyuki
Her twin brother, a Mirumoto Bushi

Kitsuki Kichirou
Her father, now deceased

Kitsuki (Miromoto) Akemi
Her mother, retired Bushi


Childhood and Education:
As they grew, their devotion to each other was apparent and their bond could not be severed. Blessed with an almost intuitive insight into each other’s feelings, ideas, and whereabouts, though they might be separated by distance they were never long apart in heart.

When the time came to begin their educations, their parents wisely chose to send them to separate schools (although each put up as much protestations about this arrangement as they could muster without offense) with her brother being sent to the Miromoto Bushi Dojo and she to the Kitsuki Courtier Academy. They both rose through the ranks of their schools quickly and each has achieved their Gempuku at the age of 14.
Upon reaching her clan Gempuku, she chose the name Yuuma, which means “true gentleness and superiority”. Her Sensei, Rin helped her to choose it, encouraging her to embrace both her desired nature and the perceptions others have of her. Her brother, however, chose Nobuyuki, meaning “happiness and trust” both to honor his sensei Nobu and to reflect his favorite traits.
If Nobuyuki is jealous of Yuuma’s invitation to the Topaz Championship he has not yet made mention of it to her.

Sensei- Kitsuki Rin
A stern, and dignified Dragon woman who has taught her pupil everything she knows. It must surely have been difficult to deal with such a beautiful and brilliant young child, but time will tell if her lessons have payed off.
Yuuma is convinced this is the closest her sensei has ever come to smiling

Upon leaving the Dojo for the Topaz Championship, Yuuma was given two eta servants to help her with her duties:
A young eta man who is strong, and proving to be a quick study in the “art” of carrying equipment and touching the dead.

An older eta man who is used to the often peculiar needs required of serving a Kitsuki Investigator.

Kitsuki Yuuma

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