A peasant boy born to an old Ronin turned rice farmer within the Scorpion provinces, he was forced into a life of criminal activity once his father’s land was taken; forfeited for failure to pay taxes. For many years Hogai wandered the lands, following merchant caravans and Ronin until he ended up in the western Crane provinces. It was there that he encountered the misunderstood giant known as Kuniwaru. Seeing more than just his deformed appearance, Hogai began to look after his strange new friend; making sure no one took advantage of his simple nature.

Times got harder though, and Hogai started getting letters from his sister telling him that if he didn’t help her with money that she was going to die. Eventually Hogai and Kuniwaru were swept up into a life of banditry. With Hogai’s keen insight and Kuniwaru’s brute strength, they were able to fight stronger foes, sometimes even several samurai at once and even licking their wounds afterwards they would still emerge victorious. Soon other bandits joined them, rallied behind Kuniwaru’s colossal strength. Everything was going fine… until they met our heroes.

Hogai survived with only the loss of his arm at Bayushi Denbe’s blade, and chances are he will never fight again. Kitsuki Yuuma has offered him a chance at redemption though, and gave him the choice of taking the path up the mountain to join the Togashi, or traveling south to the serene lands of the Asahina where he and Kuniwaru could live a life of serene contemplation.



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