Kaze no Yama Village

Windy mountain village is nestled right as the base of the mountains in the far western Crane provinces. It is hidden from the worst of the wind beneath a massive rock face on the sea wind side of the mountain, but is subject to heavy rain and snowfall as a result. The town is known within the provinces as a producer of some of the greatest sake in the Crane lands, and you are certain you came across their brewery’s signature mon on some of the drink you had at the tournament. Most famous among their brews is their apple sake, which is to die for when served warm on cold winter nights.

Lately the town has been become quiet and secluded, the townsfolk afraid to leave their homes after the darkness comes. A rash of disappearances have led to people locking away their children and keeping them inside, and terror keeps them from their fields. A general sense of unhappiness has also set into the town for though it is nearly summer, snow continues to fall on their crops, stunting their growth and condemning them to a much harsher winter for it next year. Though they try to put on a brave face for the visiting samurai, there is no doubt that they are very afraid of something… though whether it is ghosts in the mountains or starvation is another matter.

As samurai though, you do understand that peasants are extremely superstitious, even in a world of magic and spirits, and will thusly blame any misfortune upon a failure to appease the Kami, or as the machinations of an evil entity. Realistically you will take what they say with a grain of salt.


Kaze no Yama Village

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