The Woman in White

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In the aftermath of the events of the Topaz Championship, Doji Yukio has asked you to conduct an unofficial investigation into the strange disappearances in the mountains around the village of Shizuka Oka.

Before you left, Yukio presented Kitsuki Yuuma with the opportunity to take a place among the Emerald Magistrates, and create a team of investigators to serve her as Imperial Legionnaires. She chose the newly appointed champion and master duelist, Zenko, her trusted bodyguard Miromoto Anisha, the stalwart and fierce warrior Otaku Akane, the enigmatic and unscrupulous Bayushi Denbe and the spirited and wise Isawa Hanori.

Together they set off for the village of Shizuka Oka, though the road will not be an easy one…

Day 1 (5th Day of the Serpent):

The final victim of the tournament, Akodo Shotaka, is remembered today; along with all the others who perished. Their memorial was held in the center of the town of Tsuma, each with a shrine dedicated to their accomplishments. While our young heroes came to show their respects, there was an outburst from Akodo Hanshiro, publically putting blame on Kitsuki Yuuma for the death of his son. The situation resolved itself without violence, but the looming weight of his words hangs heavy on their hearts and minds, especially those of the Dragon Clan, against which he has sworn vengeance.

After receiving their new assignment they left town and rendezvoused with Denbe on the road out of Tsuma. It seemed like everything was off to a good start, despite the events of that morning… at least until that night.

Bandits! Ferocious bandits at that, willing to do whatever it takes to kill our heroes and take what is rightfully theirs. After a bloody battle the day is won, but not without a cost. Zenko, Hanori and Denbe were all seriously injured in the assault and required considerable treatment. Two of the bandits were still alive, a smart mouthed peasant boy named Hogai and the beastly Kuniwaru. It was the decision of Yuuma that they be brought with them to the next village to face justice.

Day 2 (6th Day of the Serpent):

Of course…. the next village had no justice to spare. No samurai or law enforcement of any kind was availed to them in Kaze no Yama Village. Only apple sake and the assistance of local peasants could be found and even that was limited to their humble resources. Though our young samurai are not pleased to be trapped among nothing but peasant farmers until daybreak, the hospitality they offer is nothing shy of lavish by their standards.

While making arrangements for their prisoners, our young samurai encountered a lone archer named Mugen, hailing from the Wasp clan, who was searching for a friend of his. He made enquiries of the townsfolk, and learned that his friend had headed over the Oni Spine pass, and that it was a five day journey to Shizuka Oka.

During the time Mugen was conducting his investigation, Anisha encountered a mysterious blind woman in a white and grey kimono, making a beautiful doll. She told Anisha that she made the dolls to stave off loneliness and asked if she knew much of it. Then she gave her the doll and walked out into the night.

During their respective investigations, it became clear to the young samurai that there was a marked absence of children and men in the village. When questioned about it the innkeepers wife said that those who still have children do not let them out of their homes, and the men do not come back from the fields or the forests. She also let slip that winter to them has the face of a woman, and that they only disappear when the snow comes. Our heroes offered that Mugen join them on their journey and he accepted. Safety in numbers, after all.

Both Zenko and Kitsuki Yuuma took time to question the bandits further. They have come to believe that Hogai is being extorted by an opium producer near the city of Ryoko Owari. They both feel confident that Hogai and Kuniwaru will not try to escape during their journey to Shizuka Oka.

The day was finished with Kitsuki Yuuma treating Isawa Hanori and then Bayushi Denbe’s wounds.

Day 3 – 8 (7th – 12th Day of the Serpent):

The road over the mountains has hard and treacherous. The weather has grown progressively worse as they have advanced, and the terrain is not the only thing the young samurai must contend with. Bears ended up being the least of their problems as they found themselves within the crystalline glacial caverns and encountered the monster that dwelt within.

The Woman in White

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