Bayushi Denbe

Denbe is just about the prettiest little Scorpion you’ve ever seen, and is always polite and well mannered, regardless of whatever remarks come out of peoples mouths about him. What his exact motivations were in the tournament remains a mystery, for while he made every effort to steal away Doji Wakao’s wife to be, upon the completion of the tournament and the cancellation of Wakao’s wedding, the young girl was not at Denbe’s side as everyone expected. Theories may run amok in the minds of our young heroes, yet none truly know what his plan really was.

Likewise no one truly understands why he decided to follow Kitsuki Yuuma, for he confessed that he has no desire for position, wealth or glory, and agreed only because he might find it entertaining. Though what exactly he might find entertaining is a matter for speculation – and it is already clear that not everyone is pleased to have him along for the ride.

His enigmatic personality doesn’t help anything, as it is nearly impossible to tell what he is thinking at any given moment. They say all scorpions wear masks, but his never seems to come off whether he is wearing it or not. In conversation he says little of himself and asks much of the other, delicately deflecting questions with a refined verbal riposte.


Bayushi Denbe

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