Doji Yukio

Revealed to be an Emerald Magistrate after the events of the Topaz Championship, Doji Yukio has become our young heroes overseeing authority as they embark on their journey as magistrates and imperial soldiers. They are to report to him for any current and future assignments and he is responsible for their actions and errors.

He is very much the epitome of a Crane samurai, both beautiful in appearance and voice, well dressed and immaculately clean. His wardrobe is more focused on functionality than presentation though, indicating he is a practical man. He is also obviously a man of action; evidenced by the scars on his fair skin and the callouses on his hands.

His office is located with the capital city, Otosan Uchi, and any time that our young heroes are expected to report to him it is there that they are expected to go. Any correspondence to him can also be addressed there and will reach him – provided there is no interference….


Doji Yukio

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