Isawa Hanori

The first impression one gets from him is bright, bubbly and charming. You’d expect Hanori to be much more suited to the courts than a priest, but thus is the amusing intricacies of life sometimes. Everyone he talks to seems to adore him, though he does seem a bit spoiled on the finer things in life; despite that however in truth Hanori is a man of contradictions. Though he is light hearted and playful, he can also be profoundly stoic and wise. He has always felt a great affinity for the element of water because of its flexible and rejuvenating nature and he expresses that in the fluidity of his personality.

Slated to marry into the Imperial Miya family, Hanori longed for a position that would take him far away from Otosan Uchi and he was more than happy to accompany Kitsuki Yuuma on her investigations as a healer and spiritual advisor.

His marriage was an arrangement put into motion by his father, who wanted a position within the Imperial court and securing a marriage of his son to Miya Akemi was the easiest way to accomplish that. Though he has no dislike of his bride to be, her father is a different story entirely. Rumor has it that he assassinated the last three men who tried to court her and Hanori is certain that given the chance he wouldn’t hesitate to try and make him disappear as well.

It is a well known fact among the group by this point that Hanori has little to no interest in women, but does however seem to have a considerable weakness for his own gender. Like any well preened and stately court butterfly though he has rather high standards.


Isawa Hanori

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